I had the pleasure of working with my friends at Cantina Creative again, this time on some titles! We were trying to figure out a way for the main title to animate on in a style that represented how Bloodshot's nanites rebuilt his body. Using the cloth system with X-Particles, we went through a number of variations before settling on the final look. I've included some of my favorite selects from the development phase, with dev 01 being my #1.

Created with Cinema 4D, X-Particles, and After Effects.


Studio: Cantina Creative
Executive Supervisor: Sean Cushing
VFX Supervisor: Aaron Eaton
VFX Producer: Grace Hendley
VFX Coordinator: Sabrina Julemiste
Designers/Animators: Jayse Hansen, Alan Torres, Carly Cerquone, Matt Eaton, Tony Lupoi, Julianne Dome, Andrew Hawryluk, Nate Jess, Shawn Lee, Alex Liou, Ryan Massiah, George Moise, Cisco Torres, Edward Yang