Frames that I designed for Learn Squared's Design for Production: Workflow course. I utilized a series of procedural techniques, compositing tricks, and texturing methods taught in class, in addition to my own exploration of the Redshift render engine. Shout out to the Learn Squared team and Michael Rigley for this amazing course.

Story: A digital Pandora’s box reflecting the ever expansive internet. There is not lid that can be placed on this entity. Millions of data points start to form in the atmosphere in the rough shape of a sphere representing the world. These entities begin to shoot out webs/data networks to connect and send data to each other. As each piece begins to communicate and understand each other, the pieces pull together to unify and seal together to reveal the final form. The final cubic structure reflects that of a pc tower or server.

Created with Cinema 4D, X-Particles, Redshift, and After Effects

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